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Now that the United Kingdom has left the European Union, I am emailing you to ask about our future trade deals with the following countries Canada, Australia and New Zealand. These three countries alongside the United Kingdom make up the collective acronym “CANZUK”. These countries have a shared common language, a shared common law political system, a similar high level of food standards, similar healthcare systems and a similar outlook to us on foreign policy and free trade.

These are the countries that the British public regard as their closest allies and best friends and that sentiment is shared by the general public across the other three countries. It should therefore come at no surprise that these three countries are the countries the British public are most excited about making free trade deals with.

However given the close ties we have with the other countries we could go further than just a free trade agreement. Our current immigration policy does not reflect the incredibly strong people to people ties between these four countries and the fact that the other three countries are among the top locations for our expats. Moreover public polling shows a solid two third support for freedom of movement across all four countries. I would therefore like to bring your attention to the CANZUK Freedom of Movement Petition which aims to build stronger ties between the four CANZUK countries and has in excess of 280,000 signatures.

The proposal is based upon the Close Economic Relations (CER) and Trans-Tasman Travel Area (TTTA) already existing between Australia and New Zealand. Australian Liberal senator James Paterson has suggested that the UK and Canada could be easily added to this giving the groundwork for a CANZUK treaty (the flagship foreign policy of the Canadian Conservative Party). This would give us, free trade in goods and services, visa free labour and leisure mobility for citizens including retirement relocation, reciprocal healthcare and pension agreements, increased consumer choice/protections for travel and security coordination. More details are outlined in CANZUK International’s Whitepaper.

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