Canadians Have A Far More Positive Option of their Relationship with the United Kingdom than the United States

The Globe and Mail (May 2019) Reports that Canadians have their strongest relationship with the United Kingdom with 85.70 % viewing the relationship as positive, in contrast to 77.4 % and 81 % to EU countries such as France and Germany, 65.2 % with Mexico, 44 % with the United States and 22.8 % with China.

Remarkably this data is very similar to the Australian Lowy Institute Poll (June 2018) where Australians also rank countries by their favourability. In this poll New Zealand, Canada and the United Kingdom were at 86 %, 84 % and 82 % with the USA and European Union behind at 67-71 %. Japan was ranked highly at 74 % and China at 58 %.

And closely resembles a recent Behind Global Britain poll by the British Foreign Policy Group, BMG research and Henry Jackson Society (April 2019) of the British public in the United Kingdom asked Brits if they would support freedom of movement in return for a free immigration agreement. 61 % and 60 % were willing to accept higher levels of immigration from Canada and Australia. The United States lagged behind at 55 % and the EU at 49 %. Japan got a score of 45 %. This poll had about 23-25 % people not knowing their opinion for any of the above countries.

Combined these three polls show a very strong reciprocal connection within the CANZUK countries. The ties between them are deeper than their respective ties with the EU or the USA.

This data reinforces the polls carried out (April 2018) by CANZUK International which showed Canadians supported the objectives of CANZUK by 76 %, Australians supported it by 73 %, New Zealanders by 83 % and Brits by 68 %. The CANZUK International Poll was a binary poll excluding Don’t Knows.

CANZUK Navy Charter Signed

Tribute to the CANZUK Navy (CANZUK Reddit Group):

Commonwealth: Motion to Take Note (March 2019)

The UK House of Lords take note of the continuing and evolving role of the Commonwealth and the United Kingdom’s relationship with it. The transcript is available here:

There are some hints of CANZUK seeping through to UK politics due to the influence of the Canadian Conservative Party.

Canada is a key Commonwealth member, with its great interest in CANZUK, the Canada-Australia-New Zealand-UK network on ideas for a major advance in Commonwealth trade and investment co-operation; again, it is completely ignored by the British commentary but it is vital. In fact, the change of leadership in Ottawa currently being mooted would give a stronger Commonwealth push from Canada than ever.

Lord Howell of Guildford