UK High Commissioner to Australia Discusses Free Trade Deal

Where does the visa situation fit in?

Look, this is primarily a free trade negotiation but of course to really open up our economies for the mutual benefit that we are looking for, part of the negotiation will be how do we ensure that we can attract the best talent from each other’s countries to contribute our prospective economies, to help fulfill some of the new jobs that we are trying to create, so naturally there will be a discussion about this. And I go back to that word ambition, there is political will. This will certainly be a topic for discussion. If we are seeing British investors here, Australian ones in the UK, that intra-company transfer. That ability to move between your parent whether its in Sydney or if there is an office in London as well. For a young people to have the experience of each others country, has been a fantastic right of passage, for young Australians and young Brits and I know unfortunately, the recent COVID pandemic, has meant that some of our working holiday makers have had to go back to the UK, If we can find a change in rule, so it’s not just a one off and they can come back and resume that experience and complete the maximum time that they are allowed. So none of these things are resolved, but they are linked to our immigration policies but we will look at them and we will see what is possible.

Vicki Treadell (British High Commissioner to Australia)

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