Petitions Parliament UK Has Relaunched So We Launched a CANZUK Petition

CANZUK: Enter talks with Australia to join the Trans-Tasman Travel Agreement

Enter talks with Australia and New Zealand to join the Closer Economic Relations and Trans-Tasman Travel area. These countries share a common language, similar culture, comparable standards of living, healthcare systems, food standards, common law political systems and even the same head of state.

Canada, Australia and New Zealand are the United Kingdom’s closest allies. Now that we have left the EU, a CANZUK treaty should be top priority for the UK government. This is also the flagship foreign policy of the Canadian Conservative Party. It is supported by the New Zealand ACT party and has been polled to have 2/3 support in all four countries. There is more British emigration to these three countries than the EU and USA combined. This should be formalised in our immigration policy.

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