Norway Should Consider its Alliance with CANZUK

A number of articles are coming from Norway and Iceland suggesting that Britain joins a non-EU Nordic Alliance. BTmenginer have released and article stating that Norway should not just consider its Alliance with Britain but with the wider CANZUK framework. A Google Translated excerpt is available below however the full article is below.

Cohesion in the West is under threat. Norway must choose who we will partner with in the future.

The balance in the world is shifted both in terms of economic strength, the level of knowledge and research, cultural and ideological appeal, and not least technological and industrial power and military power.

But now we are in a period of dramatic change that reflects both the weakening of the West in relation to other states, and in how the Western countries relate to each other.

Following Brexit , a strong extension of cooperation between Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, the so-called CANZUK, has been launched as a kind of alternative to the EU. At the same time, these countries have a certain shared history, culture and identity. They are all part of the British Commonwealth, under Queen Elizabeth. This may not mean that the British Empire is on its way back, but it is an indication that something is going on.

Norway should do a very thorough analysis of which states we wish to cooperate with.

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