Chinese Media Report “British-Canada-Australia-New Zealand as four Countries that have made significant progress in Interoperability!”

They report the notion of CANZUK, following the end of the Brexit drama, as very hot news in Britain. A Google translated segment of the article:

According to the latest news, the United Kingdom and Australia are likely to be the first to reach an agreement, and as early as Christmas 2020, a trade agreement including free movement of population will be signed.

As the first country to join hands with the United Kingdom after Brexit, Australia’s second largest source of investment at present is the United Kingdom, with investment in Australia reaching $ 574.8 billion in 2018.

Considering that there is a Trans-Tasman visa-free agreement between Australia and New Zealand, if the Anglo-Australian Free Trade Agreement is in place, the next one is likely to be New Zealand.

Coupled with Canada, which is eager to try, the four countries, called “British-Canada-Australia-New Zealand”, are connected together.

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