Australia’s Trade Minister Discusses Australia-UK Free Trade Deal

At current Australian Trade Minister has been a bit guarded about the details behind the Australia-UK free trade deal which is getting a lot of attention in the Australian press. He has been asked for details regarding freedom of movement and visa liberation between the two countries. He has stated that talks haven’t fully began yet and he does not know what the UK aspires to yet (Australia is waiting for the UK to Brexit and begin their own trade deals on the 31st of January). This is being quoted out of context by anti-Brexit media in the UK as Australia rejecting visa-liberation with the UK.

We’re not into full negotiating mode and we will have to see what the UK aspires to, but noting that work rights and movement of people in the UK has been a big part of the European Union debate, I would be surprised if complete liberalisation around migration and labour rights was on their agenda

Australian Trade Minister Senator Simon Birmingham

In any case now is the time for CANZUK supporters to mobilise in the four CANZUK countries and write to their MP to let them know this is an issue they care about as part of immigration reform in their countries.

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