UK-Australian Free Trade Deal in Sight

Boris Johnson has previously advocated for a Common Travel Area between Britain and Australia akin to the free movement enjoyed by Australia and New Zealand. Do you think anything like that would be on the cards.

Kim Landers

Well again, this is subject to the final negotiations. In every trade negotiation between whichever countries immigration, movement between organisations and institutions, intra-company transfer, the movement of our citizens are always on the negotiating table. So that it is a space to watch to see what comes out of it.

But lets remember the changes we have already made for Australians and some of our closest allies to visit and enter the UK, with the new channel that Australians, New Zealanders, Canadians, Americans, Japanese and Singaporeans can go through the same immigration lane as British Citizens that was a major step that I know was very warmly welcomed by Australians.

Vicki Treadell (British High Commissioner to Australia)

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