CPC 2018: Convention CANZUK Flagship, Game Changing Policy

With only one week left until the Canadian elections, we can flash back a year ago to August 2018 when the Canadian Conservative Party brought up the following CANZUK Treaty during their debate on foreign affairs at their CPC Convention.

Foreign Affairs – C – 9 – 1349

EDA(s) – Vancouver Centre, Durham

Section – U – CANZUK Treaty. CANZUK Treaty Implementation (NEW)

Subject to thorough security & health checks, CPC will work to realize these objectives among CANZUK


a) Free trade in goods/services

b) Visa-free labour/leisure mobility for citizens, including retirement relocation

c) Reciprocal healthcare agreement modeled on existing AU / NZ / UK bilaterals

d) Increased consumer choice/protection for travel

e) Security coordination

A transcript of the video is available below.

This ladies and gentle, is the game-changer policy for our party at this convention. This is the policy that will appeal to freedom of the individual, in terms of their purchasing, in terms of their ability to be mobile, whether the individual is a senior or someone just finishing their university year and wanting to travel in their gap year, or whether it is a young millennial that is looking for global experience for their resume and on the flip-side for Canadian business, that is looking to get the best and brightest talent that they can get from anywhere in the planet to catapult our industry here. Lulelemon which is headquartered in Vancouver has such a big problem with labour mobility justification, every time one of their executives gets poached by Reebok or by Adidas, they got to go hunting for a new executive to bring over and that’s very expensive and very time-consuming for them to do. This would allow for that labour mobility that we have and its a game-changer for the party, in terms of freedom of business, of individual and mobility.

??? Vancouver Centre

I’m passionate about CANZUK when Brian Mulroney and the Conservative government negotiated our first major free trade deal with the United States, we still owned Air Canada, as a government and there was no internet. Today trade and mobility and mobility for our young people and for Canadians to work, learn and exchange the world is the new expectation on trade agreements and international relations. With CANZUK, we can work with countries, that we are already in the Five Eyes security partnership with, we already have some trade and mobility agreements with but we can take it to the next level, to show that multilateral organisations wcan be aspirational, where if you have the rule of law, GDP, respect for rights, the Common Law system, the ability to support a free market, that you’ll work more together, then we’ll let more and more countries in and revolutionise opportunity with CANZUK. Please support it, thank you.

Erin O’Toole

This is a great idea but for me it’s just way too big, way too difficult to implement and there’s a whole lot of things in here, that aren’t actually done by the federal government, they are done by the provincial government, government(s) in terms of credentialing and things like that. Nice idea but I just think it’s way too big and would just too difficult to implement.

Laurie Daniel Hawn

I’m Ed Fast, former trade minister for Canada and there’s nothing that’s too big for Canada. We’re the ones that negotiated CETA, the largest trade agreement in the world, we are the ones that negotiated the Trans-Pacific partnership which by the way includes Australia and New Zealand, now can you imagine adding the UK and having the most like minded partners in the world, working together, special issues such as mobility, healthcare agreements, where you could travel to Australia and know that you could get emergency care there, the way they could in Canada. These are the kind of opportunities that are opened up under CANZUK, I strongly recommend that you support this.

Edward D. “Ed” Fast 

My concern is, and what I’d want Ed to clarify, is with the labour mobility piece, we just announced policy on Tuesday stating that we would align the economic immigration with labour force needs and this to me, is imprecise on if we’d be prioritising economic immigration from these countries opposed to others, and whether or not we have enough information of Canada’s labour needs would be provided from these countries, so yes nothing is too big for Canada but details matter Ed and that would be my position would be my position as immigration shadow minister, how would you implement labour mobility, given credentialing Laurie raised a good point at the provinces, as well as the healthcare component, so maybe agree in principal but I don’t see a lot of details here Trade Minister.

Stephanie Kusie

Often times, when we deal with policy, we do deal with a high level and I think the proposal of CANZUK and the implementation of it as proposed in, and I think it’ll be phased in and it’ll be determined what those priorities are but I think what Erin said is important, that these are countries which share the same values and the same principals that we do, values of democracy, the rule of law, that everybody is treated equally and so this to me, is a winning principal, a winning principal of not only Conservative values but also an ability to attract young people on a particular policy like CANZUK. I can tell you right now that CANZUK International has well over 100,000 young people that follow this debate. This will be an ability for an ability for all of us as Conservatives to attract these people and come up with this as a winning policy, so I’m urging all of you to support this policy. Thank you.

John Brassard

I once again go to the game-changer policy, ladies and gentlement besides these four countries having the same head of state, free and fair trade practices, complimentary social living and labour standards, they are all part of the five eyes security group, they already work tightly together, free trade is our brand as a party, competitiveness is our brand as a party, economic choice of more good and services at better prices is the brand of our party and ladies and gentlemen this has 238,000 signatures (~275,000 now) from people who have signed up to the CANZUK International site, just imagine if we can outreach to those poeple after this meeting by doing the secondary tour with Erin O’Toole who brought this forward during the CPC Leadership debate and all of our shadow cabinet, inviting all of those 238,000 people to events about CANZUK and they would become our ambassadors for the party, whether they are blue, orange, green or red, this is a game changer!

??? Vancouver Centre

So, I’m going to do something a little bit different now thank you. Why don’t we move directly to the vote, I’m trying to avoid the back and forth and you know it might be a little confusing. I’ll try to remember the vote and then tell you the results of the previous one so we know exactly what we are voting for, does that seem better? A little bit okay? Okay so we are going to vote now on the debate who has just finished on resolution 9 foreign affairs.

All those in favour please raise your cards.

There’s some serious mumbling on this one for some reason. We’re so excited.

And against, please raise your cards.

And thank you for your patience, it is very important for us to get the actual number of votes and cards so that’s why we aren’t just glossing over it when it’s an obvious win. We may if there are ties to go back to the actual number of votes, so please take that into account if you are leaving the room.

And so back to resolution 9 foreign affairs, in favour 215, 7 against , in percentage that’s 97 % for, 3 % against.


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