Far Left Media Begin to Talk About CANZUK

The CANZUK movement is getting more and more coverage as it becomes a mainstream policy. Previously we have argued strongly for a Canadian Style Trade Deal and the Australian Points Based Immigration system as key components to the CANZUK Movement and a successful post-Brexit Britain… These policies are proven and successful policies, applied in other CANZUK countries that could be equally applicable to the UK, a country which shares a similar culture and traditions to the other CANZUK countries. We have also argued the fact that a “Canadian Style trade deal” would give the UK both the trade it requires with the EU and independence it needs to make its own trade deal. Finally we have equated the “Australian Style Points Based Immigration system” with the possibility of the UK and Canada joining the Trans-Tasman Travel Arrangement.

It seems that the far-left media has been reading about our CANZUK content and added their own wee spice of remoanerism. They have also added in Donald Trump and the USA in for good measure.

The argument for Brexit was accompanied by the fantasy that Britain could compensate for the loss of access to its largest market by joining the reassuringly white and English-speaking “Anglosphere” of Australia, Canada, the US and New Zealand. This is why they talk of an “Australian-style points system” and “Canada-style trade deals” and hope against all evidence that the protectionist Donald Trump will rescue Britain.

Nick Cohen

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