UK Government Plan for a New Immigration Route for International Students in the UK to Work 2 Years Post-Graduation

Boris Johnson has announced many times his support for an Australian Points Based Immigration System. A policy that is immensely popular with the British public. However while the UK is still subjugated to EU law, the Australian Points Based Immigration System or the objectives of CANZUK cannot be fully implemented. However the UK Government has been working on visa liberation especially for international students who have spent over two years studying in the UK in order to retain their expertise. As a result the UK Government will release an immigration route to non-EU international students. It is assumed this visa will also apply to EU26 nationals assuming a successful Brexit and the Southern Irish will continue to enjoy freedom of movement to the UK via the Common Travel Area.

This differs from the draconian approach to immigration by his predecessor Theresa May who was a former Home Secretary and seen immigration purely as a numbers game (and Brexit as damage control). Under this numbers game non-EU international students including those from Commonwealth countries such as Canada, Australia and New Zealand had very limited visa options to work professionally in the UK post-study while EU nationals without any qualifications had right to abode.

Details of this new post-study visa aren’t available yet however as Australia is the best template for a post-Brexit Britain we can make a hypothesis that it should be very similar to the Australian equivalent Subclass 485 Temporary Graduate Visa.

This should be one step towards alignment of British and Australian border policies. Having complete natural alignment of Canadian, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom is a clear objective of CANZUK. By natural alignment, the populace of the four Common Law countries support similar border policies and these border policies should allow for the accession of Canada and the United Kingdom to the Australia-New Zealand Closer Economic Relations and allow for expansion of the ANZ Trans-Tasman Travel Agreement. This follows shortly after Australian Liberal Senator James Paterson, who has previously touted this post-Brexit route for the UK, met with New Zealand Opposition Leader Simon Bridges, a CANZUK supporter to discuss closer ties between the CANZUK nations likely via this route. Moreover former Australian Prime Minister stated a full economic partnership between Australia and the United Kingdom could be the best Christmas present Brits and Australians could ask for. Finally in Canada, it is just over a month until their federal elections and the Canadian Conservative Party stand on a platform where the CANZUK treaty is a flagship, game-changing policy.

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