Boris Johnson is Asked About the UK’s Relationship with Canada, Australia and New Zealand

How will you develop our post-Brexit relationships with Canada, Australia and New Zealand? What specific initiatives do you pursue and how will you promote them to the British Public as an advantage of Brexit?

Tom Cannon

Our relationships with Canada, Australia and New Zealand are already fantastically close. I remember proposing ages ago that there should be a five eyes visa, unfortunately it didn’t find favour with the Home Office at the time as far as I can remember. People don’t realise quite how close these relations are particularly on intelligence and security and on defence. I was up in Govan, the other day looking at the building of these incredible new frigates, we are selling 9 of them to Australia, we are selling them to Canada and we’re going to sell them to New Zealand and all we’ve got to do is sell them to Donald Trump and we’ve done all five of the five eyes and that is a measure, that business is going to generate jobs for Glasgow, literally for the next generation, for decades to come there is a pipeline for the fantastic work because of the closeness of our relationships with Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United States so that it is an area that is full of possibilities. And we should also by the way also be championing with the Commonwealth countries, 53 Commonwealth Countries whose growth rates, many of them far surpass the growth rates of the EU. We have massive Global Opportunities and we should seize them now.

Boris Johnson

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