GOV.UK: Signed UK trade agreements transitioned from the EU

The UK has signed continuity trade agreements with non-EU countries so that trade can continue with minimal disruption after the UK leaves the EU.

These countries account for 63% of trade currently covered by EU agreements for which the UK is seeking continuity.

The agreements have replicated the EU trade agreements as far as possible. However, there may be some changes to ensure that new agreements work for both countries.

When the UK signs further agreements this page will be updated…

The UK has signed mutual recognition agreements with:


New Zealand

United States


For more details see:

Note: There is not any information about the future Canada-UK relationship as of yet… This is likely to be decided post the Canadian Elections in October the 21st, and while both parties have expressed the desire for closer trading links with the UK, citing the fact that the UK alone, post-Brexit makes up about 40 % of Canada’s Trade with the EU. The Canadian Conservative Party in particular have made a CANZUK Treaty their official party policy.

The CANZUK Treaty as outlined by the Canadian Conservative Party looks for the following objectives:

  1. Free trade in goods/services
  2. Visa-free labour/leisure mobility for citizens, including retirement relocation
  3. Reciprocal healthcare agreement modeled on existing AU / NZ / UK bilaterals
  4. Increased consumer choice/protection for travel
  5. Security coordination

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