Petition Update: Hong Kong and CANZUK

Hong Kong Protesters Storm Government Building on the 1st July 2019 (the 22nd anniversary for Hong Kong’s Chinese Handover), deface the Hong Kong emblem and Raise the Hong Kong Blue Ensign.

Although CANZUK has not formally been created, other countries are already looking towards CANZUK foreign policy. Outside the four CANZUK countries, unsurprisingly the most enthusiastic for a co-ordinated CANZUK foreign policy are the British National Overseas Citizens in Hong Kong. The following petition has gathered 11,000 signatures:

Before the 1997 handover, British Hong Kong citizens were granted British nationality as British National (Overseas), so that they could retain relationship with the United Kingdom after Hong Kong had been transferred to China.

Although BNOs are Commonwealth citizens and was granted for life, it has no right of abode anywhere in the world. It is ironical that these people have to be held in Hong Kong, China, since its status of freedom and democracy has been deteriorating.

The UK and Canada have issued a joint statement about concerns for their citizens in light of proposed changes to extradiction laws in Hong Kong.

More details about China’s changes to Hong Kong’s laws are on the BBC News website:

The petition received an update today:

As British Nationals, we have no intention asking for intervention on the matters of the Hong Kong SAR. However, we must have the right to flee from a foreign country we do not wish to stay. Therefore, we are asking for the governments of the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand to accept immigration of any of the BNO citizens, as well as their children.

The passing of the new extradition bill is imminent, despite international criticism and over 1 million Hongkongers marching to the street. Thank UK and Canada for ever making a joint statement on Hong Kong. But it is now time for the UK, as well as other CANZUK countries, to give protection on BNO holders. We must act fast!

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