British Prime Minister Theresa May Resigns

Theresa May will no longer be Prime Minister on the 7th of June. This is likely as a result in the surge in popularity in the Brexit Party and the associated abysmal performance of the Conservative Party in the EU Parliamentary Elections (which weren’t supposed to happen in the UK) and English Local Elections due to her unpopular Brexit Deal.

Theresa May Resigns

Baring in mind that >70 % of former Conservative Party Members supported a so-called “No Deal” which is reality exit on World Trade Organisation WTO Terms or the extremely popular “Canada Style” Trade Deal known as Canada Plus.

As a result of Theresa May resigning, the Deal she failed to get through parliament will likely be cast aside and a new direction taken. It is likely that exit on WTO or the Canada Plus Style Trade Deal will return to the table. A reminder of the Canada Style Trade Deal is below:

A Canada Style Deal also has the advantage in that it would immediately bring the UK and Canada together, two very like minded nations with mutual interests when it comes to both the EU and USA. This which would act as a intermediate between “the CANZUK Treaty”. Recall that the “CANZUK Treaty” is the flagship policy for the Canadian Conservative Party should they come into power on the 21st of October 2019.

In additional to Theresa May stepping down, Vince Cable, Leader of the Liberal Democrats also announces his plan to step down on the 23rd of July.

The UK Liberal Democrats haven’t mentioned much about the objectives of CANZUK however their sister party in Australia have a Free immigration with Canada and the UK as a policy in their manifesto.

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