December 2018 UKs Future Skills Based Immigration System

19th December 2018: UKs Future Skills Based Immigration System

Following the two post popular Brexit Policies the “Canada Style Trade Deal” and “Australian Points Immigration System” named after two of the other CANZUK countries. The UK Government has announced its post-Brexit Skills Based Immigration System where it essentially adopts an Australian Points Immigration System. This brings the UK Border Policy in Natural Alignment to Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Moreover in this document it was announced:

“Nationals from the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Singapore and South Korea will be allowed to use e-gates to enter the UK from next summer onwards. In 2017, 10.2 million people arrived from these countries and crossed the UK border, constituting over half of all arrivals from outside the EEA.”

This is the first meaningful step the UK has taken towards the CANZUK countries.

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