Melexdra’s Brexit and CANZUK Video

Melexdra makes an enthusiastic YouTube video talking about the possibilities of CANZUK. She is a Yorkshire lass staying in Vancouver. Although she supported the UK remaining in the EU and is disfranchised with the UK government and Brexit process (or lack of) she also supports CANZUK. She clearly demonstrates why CANZUK is an idea that leavers and remainers can unite around and shows that people on both sides of the divide want closer ties with the other CANZUK countries. Her Twitter is here:

Historic Passports of the CANZUK Nations

There is a media obsession in the UK with Blue Passports. They seem to miss the main point. With Blue Passports we had Freedom of Movement before when it took 10 weeks to get from one end of CANZUK to the other by boat. Now paradoxically we can fly from one end of CANZUK to the other in <24 hours direct and treat each other as foreigners at each others boarders. A collection of historic passports and current coat of arms for the CANZUK Nations.